When Kat was still in high school she began doing her friends hair, and she never thought of doing anything else professionally. She taught herself updo’s and had plenty of  willing and happy heads to let her practice!  Beauty School was the next step, and she enrolled after graduating. What started as a passion, has turned her into a stylist who loves the beauty industry, and the ever changing trends.  Even more than that she appreciates the emotional experience of giving her clients… “the happiness that people feel about themselves”.

If Kat wasn’t so damn good at her job, she may be a gardener.  When she’s not working, she will be on some kind of adventure. Whether on the slopes, at a food festival or simply swinging on a hammock and listening to music. She enjoys taking ferry rides, crafting, rolling around in the sun, and eating and drinking with friends. If we didn’t love her enough, we really admire her other passions, including Green Energy, helping people, and donating money or time to really worthy causes.



For Becca, becoming a stylist was a childhood dream. While it took her a while to get there, she has a pretty exciting journey. Before joining the KMS team, Becca was an Intelligence Analyst for the United States Air Force. Yep, we think it’s pretty badass too. After, she retired from the Air Force, she enrolled at the Aveda Institute in Cranston, RI. Where she worked to hone in her skills and excelled at cutting and finishing work. After school, she came to Ky Michaels Salon and appreciated our in house training program where she became proficient in all aspects of hairstyling. Becca keeps us organized and running efficiently. There is no job too big for her. When Becca isn’t at the salon, you can find her outside enjoying nature and taking her pup, Kimchi for walks on the beach, inside baking or crafting.



Ever since Brittany was a teenager experimenting with fashion colors on herself and her friends, she knew that she was destined to be a hairstylist. She didn’t stop at color, she also loved practicing her haircutting skills on her siblings. She was formally educated at Paul Mitchell and is happiest working with vivid, lightening, and color in general. Making guests feel comfortable in their own skin and loving the way they look means the most to her!  Brittany is patient, gentle and ready for any artistic requests that come her way. When not working behind the chair, Brittany loves anime, video games, drawing, singing, guitar, archery and playing with her daughter. 



Danielle joined our team in 2012, when we first opened our doors. She always had a passion for being creative, and enrolled in Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy where she honed in her skills on precision cutting and color techniques. She is very detail oriented  and organized which makes her great at finishing and styling work. As a stylist, one of her favorite things to do is to teach her methods but she’s always ready to learn something new, too. She has an open mind and is always striving to learn new techniques and grow her craft, while making people laugh.



Morgan is celebrating her twelfth year as a stylist. She studied at Toni and Guy Hairdressing Academy, because she wanted a career where she could use her artistic style, and share it with the world. Not only is Morgan a stylist at KMS, she is also our manager. She knows that always being current requires education, and she has helped shape the educational program. “Education keeps you from getting stagnant. We can all always learn something new” she said recently.  Being a problem solver as well as working easily under pressure gives her a great advantage. Like our other stylists, she is motivated by the finished result she’s able to give a client, and enjoys the creative process to get there. Extensions are a specialty as well as color, highlights, and haircuts. Morgan is passionate about all animals, especially dogs. Her favorite charity is OPP and she has fostered many dogs over the years, even adopting a couple herself. If she could, she’d not only save all the puppies of the planet, she would save the Planet too.



We aren’t sure what came first, Kathryn’s love of theater or hairstyling.  But we are sure glad that the two go hand in hand and compliment each other so well.  Kathryn has been involved in theater since she was five years old and is still performing in theaters all over at Rhode Island.  A graduate of Empire Beauty School, she is kind, extremely detail oriented and organized.  When not behind the chair she loves cooking, calligraphy, singing, dancing and crafts.  Just ask her to show you her mini bouquets. Kathryn’s personality can be described as bubbly yet focused. When she’s not beautifying her guests hair, She loves spending time with her friends and family. A fun fact about Kathryn, she loves pens, paper crafts and just about anything creative!



From childhood antics of doll haircuts to blossoming into a talented hairstylist, Mia Ruggieri's journey to the salon chair has been fueled by a passion for creativity and connecting with people. Her story is one of perseverance, self-discovery, and a commitment to making others feel beautiful.  Mia's love affair with hairstyling began early on, as she found joy in transforming her dolls' hair into works of art this helped Mia to embark on a path that led her to the Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy, where she honed her skills and unleashed her creativity.  After graduating, Mia dove into the salon world, exploring different environments until she found her home at Ky Michaels Salon. Between the welcoming atmosphere and the camaraderie of the team, Mia knew she had found her salon home.  Her favorite service to perform is highlighting, where she gets to blend her artistic vision with her clients' desires, leaving them feeling radiant and confident. Mia's talents extend beyond the salon chair; she's a former hockey player, equestrian competitor, and aspiring artist. She finds joy in the transformative power of her work, bringing beauty and confidence to her clients.



Leslie’s journey into hairstyling was born from a childhood passion for makeup and hair.  Licensed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Leslie's career began at Toni&Guy in Braintree, Massachusetts, and has evolved over two years.  At KMS, Leslie thrives on crafting edgy cuts and flawless blowouts, but her true joy comes from making clients feel beautiful inside and out. If Leslie wasn’t creating beautiful hair behind the chair she would love being a music teacher.  She advises aspiring stylists to embrace teamwork and continuous learning.  Outside of work, Leslie enjoys singing, gaming, and attending concerts. Her colleagues describe her as kind-hearted and always ready to bring a smile.  Leslie's goals include growing as a stylist and supporting animal welfare causes.



Emily London, who to us at KMS is simply and affectionately called London, is the first face you will see upon entering the salon, and probably the last before you leave. She keeps everyone’s schedule and appointments coordinated among other tasks. She makes sure we all have what we need to be Rhode Island’s Best.  Not only do the stylists depend on her being the heartbeat, we know our clients do too, because we hear it again and again. London who is a stylist herself, knows and thoroughly understands the technical end of being behind the chair, but prefers the business side of things. We here at KMS very quickly saw how talented she is at marketing, scheduling, and doing what it takes to keep the salon successful, and thriving. In her free time, you can find her out in the fresh air playing with her dogs.