Back To Your Roots?

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It is now the middle of April… (in case you needed a reminder). The salon has been closed for just about a month. Your root color, that you usually visit us for consistently every four weeks, has now exceeded that time by at least two or three weeks.

You are now seeing your grown-out roots or “sparkly grays” as we like to refer to them and would do anything to be able to pay a visit to the salon.

The good news?

You are not alone and everyone is in this together. However, we are anxiously counting down the days until we are back at the salon. We want to thank you for being so patient. Our entire team is so grateful that you are waiting for us to be back.

We miss making you look and feel beautiful more than you know. Until we are back open we want to help you get creative. We have come up with some fun ways you can hide your roots for the time being.

THE LIST: Fun and Creative Ways to Hide Your Roots And Other Color Prolonging Tips!

  1. Tight and slicked back ponytails. Simple, easy to do and this look will leave you with no part line shown. This will only the hairline and you can use a root spray on that area if needed.
  2. If you happen to have a little more time on your hands or maybe you want to watch something other than the news… yes please! Get inspired by watching YouTube videos. Play a little, try a braid or create a bun if you prefer that over a ponytail.
  3. Accessorize your look with cute headbands! Fun designs and colors will take the attention off of any stubborn grays. Have some fun with it and use an assortment of different styles. Change it up and create a new look every day. They are stylish, comfortable, and they are super popular now.
  4. If you are going out on an errand and really don’t want anyone to see how overdue your hair is for color, throw on a hat. It’s fun and changes your look. Remember no one will ever know what really is under it.
  5. A quick tip that seems almost too easy and requires no tools? This sounded good to us! Change the way you part your hair. Some people move their part around daily. Trying a new part you may be surprised to see less of your root regrowth. Who would have thought!
  6. Pin your hair back in a clip or pin to the center of your head. In this position, you will not see a part at all. This may just show your hairline which will be less to cover.
  7. Do you have a video conference call and you don’t want to do your hair? Blow-dry style just the front, that’s all anyone sees anyways.

In conclusion, as much as we are fans of lying and defying… at least when it comes to hair.  Sometimes you just gotta embrace the gray. If that doesn’t work for you… we get it! It is not our first choice either. Try something from our list and you may be surprised to find a new style. Tag us with your at-home looks.



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